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Alan BottomleyAlan Bottomley is a Business Coach and an Ambition Facilitator. He is a principal with The Achievement Centre and a champion of OwnerShip Thinking.

About Alan Bottomley

Alan graduated with an Engineering degree in Geo-physics then obtained his CA which led to a 31 year career as a partner with Price Waterhouse Coopers. With a solid education in working with “things and numbers” Alan reached an epiphany when he started to manage and lead people. He discovered his passion for working with people.

That same analytical mind that enabled him to understand the intricacies of engineering and accounting helped him address the challenges of understanding, managing and leading people.

Insights from this interview

Ownership Thinking is a methodology of encouraging employees to think and act like owners.

Compare the list of things that owners think about to what employees think about. They are different but not in conflict.

Implementing OwnerShip Thinking in a company results in both dramatic culture change and improved profitability within two to four hours.

The first major obstacle is for the business owner to give up control and reveal important information to the employees.

The second major obstacle is for the employees to realize that they aren’t being punished. They are simply invited to identify problems and opportunities.

Most problems are caused by management.

3 criteria for a company owner to participate in OwnerShip Thinking

  1. The owner must be a caring person
  2. The owner must be able to recognize the potential within others.
  3. There must be discipline within the company to implement.

Advice for startup entrepreneurs

  1. Be caring because this sets the culture
  2. MUST have fun (This one is critical for the next point)
  3. Establish highly visible expectations of performance


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