Bruce McDougall, The McDougall Group

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Bruce McDougallRadio interview with Bruce McDougall, on Business in Motion with host, George Torok.

Who is Bruce McDougall?

He is the founder and president of The McDougall Group, a financial planning company in Burlington, Ontario. A past president of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce he is a long time active Rotarian. He is a marathon runner, tri-athlete, a past competitive racquetball player and an avid golfer.

Insights from this interview

“Building wealth requires discipline and a plan. You don’t need a lot of money to start.”

“Biggest mistake that people make is starting too late.”

“Biggest myth is that you need to take big risks with your money.”

“The hardest thing in sales is the ability to get up off the floor and keep going. When hiring sales people – that’s difficult to test for.”

“As a financial planner you are really a sales person. You are running a business and every business needs sales.”

“When I was interviewing wait staff for my restaurant I would try to intimidate them to test how easily they might be intimidated by customers.”

“How do you choose a financial planner? You have to like the person.”

“Most entrepreneurs have had three or four failures. Don’t dwell on it. Learn from the mistakes and move on.”

“Get inspiration from keeping people around you who are experiencing similar experiences.”



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