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Bill Johnson – I am McJobs

Bill Johnson – former CEO McDonalds Canada

At age 18, Bill Johnson started flipping burgers at a McDonalds in London, Ontario. It was painful to be behind the grill on a Friday night while his friends ventured out for a night of socializing. When they stopped by for burgers they laughed at him and the funny outfit with the paper hat.

They’re not laughing anymore. Bill leveraged hard work and a little luck to move up through the ranks. After serving as President of McDonald’s Mexico he returned home to become President, CEO and Chairman of McDonald’s Canada.

It was a challenging 35 year career that equipped Bill with powerful lessons for career success. He retired in his early fifties. He now generously shares those life lessons with university students and almost anyone who wants to grow their career.

Insights from this interview

McJobs – that term angered Bill so much that he went on the TV news to defend retail work. Today he’s adopted “I am McJobs” as his banner and website.

You don’t need to invent the solution. Somewhere in the world someone has gone through this before.

The expensive lesson from guacamole burgers


Bill Johnson didn’t go to college or university but today he lectures to MBA and EMBA students at Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.

Career advice

Tell the company about your expectations.

What was the silver bullet? Hard work!

You might need to grow a mustache.

Find a mentor that you can call anytime.

Get out of Canada. Work internationally.


I am McJobs

Video – work international

McDonalds Canada

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