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Terry Flynn

Interview with:  Terrence (Terry) Flynn PhD, ARP FCPRS

Assistant Professor of Communication Management, McMaster University

President of CPRS (Canadian  Public Relations Society) 2009-2010

President and CEO Frontline Corporate Communications,  Nov 1993 – May 2007

Terry Flynn is a specialist in Public Relations, Corporate Communications and especially Crisis Management.  He gained his initial communications experience with government then honed it while building his consulting company that provided communications guidance to corporations – especially those in crisis. He currently teaches university students how to become more effective communicators.

Insights from This Interview

Think about the bumps in the road

Things happen – trains wreck, planes crash and oil spills

People, systems and government cause crisis

I don’t like the term Spin Doctor because it’s about shading the truth

People are not necessarily good communicators

Talking is not necessarily communicating

We are multi-shifters – not multi-taskers

Corporate crisis handled well

The Maple Leaf Foods



The law now allows you to say “Sorry” without admitting guilt.

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Terry Flynn
Terry Flynn interview on Business in Motion with host George Torok
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Focus 2040 Student Competition

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Focus 2040
Focus 2040

Interview with Julia Piccioni, and Heather LoPresti – Co-chairs of Focus 2040

Julia and Heather are both students at MG DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University.

This is the fifth year for the Focus 2040 competition. This program is open to college and university students across Canada from any field of study. No charge to register.

Students are challenged to envision and predict then convey their thoughts about the workplace of the year 2040.

Description from the Focus 2040 website…

“It’s 2040. As you’re getting ready for work, you glance out your bedroom window and you ask yourself, “Who would have ever predicted the world to look like it does now?” The answer? You. You are the business leaders of tomorrow. You have the imagination to bring forth new ideas. You have the potential to change the world. Together, we must focus… because you are the future.”

Prizes of $5,000, $3,000 and $2,000 for the top three winners.

Corporate internships will be offered.

Additional benefits to students:

Opportunity to develop and demonstrate their abilities to think creatively, research, support their ideas and convey those ideas in writing and orally before a group

Connecting and networking with students, professors and corporate representatives

A bonus differentiating item for your resume

Deadline for this year’s competition to register is January 31, 2014

The final phase along with the announcement of the top contestants will take place at the Burlington Convention Centre on March 20, 2014.

Register or learn more at

Learn more about the founding partner, The Strategic Capability Network at

Learn more at DeGroote School of business at

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Business in Motion Radio Show

George Torok BIM radio host
Host of Business in Motion

George Torok founded the radio show, Business in Motion in September 1995. As the host he has interviewed over 450 business leaders. We will publish selected shows on this podcast.

George Torok is the co-author of the bestseller, Secrets of Power Marketing. As a professional speaker he delivers keynote speeches, executive briefings and training programs on Power Marketing.

Contact George Torok     905-335-1997

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