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David Wojcik, Steps for Success

David WojcikDavid Wojcik, President of Steps for Success – a coaching service for business owners who have hit Stagation – and Host of TV show “In Business”.

David is an entrepreneur who has started at least six businesses. Many of them were successful – yet he learned most from the ones that failed.

He opened a restaraunt because he loves to cook – but that wasn’t enough to succeed in that business. There’s a world of difference between cooking for a bunch of friends and cateering a wedding.


Insights from David Wojcik

Started his first business at age 15 because he was too young to get a job

Do something that no one in your neighbourhood is willing to do

You might need to wash your hands of bad staff and bad clients

Successful people don’t know how to give up

The business is the baby for the entrepreneur

Research your competition


David Wojcik is host of Biz TV Canada

David Wojcik is host of In Business on Rogers TV

David Wojcik on Linkedin

Listen to or download this interview below.

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Public Speaking Myths & Lies

Public Speaker George Torok
Public Speaking Myths and Tales

Your host, George Torok, exposes the common and damaging myths and lies about public speaking. Too many lies are spread in the form of “advice” that hurt your speaking performance. George Torok exposes the lies, reveals the truth and tells you what to do to be a better public speaker.


Some of the lies that George will expose and help you with:

  • Be humble during your introduction.
  • Start your presentation with a joke.
  • When you get nervous, stare at a spot on the back wall.
  • When you get nervious, imagine the audience in their underwear.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Dress casual.
  • Too much practice will make you look un-natural.
  • Apologize when you make a mistake.
  • Be sure to look serious.
  • Tell them everything you know about the topic.

Lies – all of them. Listen to discover why and what to do instead.

George reveals 15 top myths about public speaking. When you listen you might notice that number seven was left out. It’s a big one and will be covered another time.

Check out the free presentation resources here

Find answers to your questions about public speaking here


Click below to listen to or download the audio file.

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Business in Motion Radio Show

George Torok BIM radio host
Host of Business in Motion

George Torok founded the radio show, Business in Motion in September 1995. As the host he has interviewed over 450 business leaders. We will publish selected shows on this podcast.

George Torok is the co-author of the bestseller, Secrets of Power Marketing. As a professional speaker he delivers keynote speeches, executive briefings and training programs on Power Marketing.

Contact George Torok     905-335-1997

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