James Burchill, Business Fusion Marketing

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James Burchill
James Burchill

James Burchill is CEO, Business Fusion Marketing and Founder of the Social Fusion Network.

About James Burchill

“C” Level Management Expertise

Prior to starting his own company, James was Vice President of IT & Consulting for an international management and recruiting firm in southern Ontario. There he lead numerous multi-million dollar development projects and managed a team of more than a dozen skilled web programmers and designers.

Internationally Traveled

Born in England and now a Canadian citizen too, James has lived in Europe, Africa and Australia and along with credentials in public speaking, psychology, communications, automation and technology, James is a certified Neuro Linguistics Practitioner. He learned the craft of penmanship at England’s prestigious London School of Writing. James is a former member of Mensa (the high IQ society) and has the little badge somewhere to prove it…

Insights from the interview with James Burchill


It’s the People

Technology changes quickly and often and people mistakenly obsess on the technology

Instead they should start with the core of communication and that is people

It’s not about the technology, its how you can use it to connect at a richer level

We are a social species, we want to connect

Psychology is more important than technology 

As a species we do not share information unless it has survival value. We remember information and stories that helps us survive.

Small Business

Small business often sucks at marketing

Small business is seduced by the glitter of big corporate brands 

They need to connect with their marketplace

A market is a conversation and it moves 

Small Business and Social Media 

Be authentic, reveal a flaw

Imperfection is attractive 

Important to market on multiple channels

Combine old school face-to-face marketing with Social Media for best results 


Social Fusion Network

I held an event that hosted over 500 people using Social Media to attract them 

There are many networking groups – why dare to start another one?

We work on the Freemium model – making money from advertising 

This started as an experiment and now has seven chapters

I wrote a business plan after we generated serious buzz, but the plan predicted failure 

Look at business that is different from yours and steal ideas for your business.

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