Murray Hogarth, Founder Pioneer Gas Stations

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Pionneer Gas Founder

Interview with Murray Hogarth, Executive Chairman of Pioneer Petroleums, President and CEO of the Pioneer Group

Murray Hogarth launched the first Pioneer gas station in 1956. Today there are more than 150 Pioneer gas stations across Ontario.

Pioneer donates 1% of profits – not revenue to charity.

Murray Hogarth was instrumental in the formation of CAFE – the Canadian Association of Family Enterprises.

Pioneer is the largest independant gas station chain.

Murray Hogarth was voted the Entrepreneur of the Year by the Burlington Economic Development Corporation for 2010.


Insights from this interview:

“We wanted to beat the major oil companies at their game.”

“In the existing model, the customer was an interruption and the employee approached the customer with a bad attitude.”

“We introduced the first loyalty program – bonus bucks.”

“Where do you get innovative ideas? Listen to what your customer wants.”

“You have to have drive and a vision.”

“Insulate yourself from the risk.”


Click below to listen or download this 30-minute interview.

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One thought on “Murray Hogarth, Founder Pioneer Gas Stations”

  1. Hans Brinkert says:

    Hi Murray,

    Just listened to you interview.Brought back lots of memories.
    I worked at Pioneer[upper James,along with Henk Lammers,Chuck and Bill Boden.Previous to working at Pioneer I was employed at “your Gardener” in Ancaster. In 1960 i had to make a choice.
    Stay with pioneer ,go back to “Your Gardener” or start my own business.It realy was your idea!. And it worked!
    “Residential Services” was born.You advanced me start-up dollars ,and i stayed with it till 1974.We moved to Victoria, BC and got involved with the indoor Tropical Plant Maintenance.
    And again in 1978 started my own business.So, at age 75 ,this Dutchman would like to thank you for your help,insight,that set me out on a carrier that suited my character,better than the Gasoline business.
    Greetings and kind regards
    Hans Brinkert

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