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Terry Flynn

Interview with:  Terrence (Terry) Flynn PhD, ARP FCPRS

Assistant Professor of Communication Management, McMaster University

President of CPRS (Canadian  Public Relations Society) 2009-2010

President and CEO Frontline Corporate Communications,  Nov 1993 – May 2007

Terry Flynn is a specialist in Public Relations, Corporate Communications and especially Crisis Management.  He gained his initial communications experience with government then honed it while building his consulting company that provided communications guidance to corporations – especially those in crisis. He currently teaches university students how to become more effective communicators.

Insights from This Interview

Think about the bumps in the road

Things happen – trains wreck, planes crash and oil spills

People, systems and government cause crisis

I don’t like the term Spin Doctor because it’s about shading the truth

People are not necessarily good communicators

Talking is not necessarily communicating

We are multi-shifters – not multi-taskers

Corporate crisis handled well

The Maple Leaf Foods



The law now allows you to say “Sorry” without admitting guilt.

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Terry Flynn
Terry Flynn interview on Business in Motion with host George Torok
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Ron Foxcroft, Fox 40 & Fluke Transport

Ron Foxcroft
Ron Foxcroft

Insights from this inteview with Ron Foxcroft

About Ron Foxcroft

Wears at least three hats

Chairman & CEO Fluke Transport
Chairman, CEO and Founder Fox 40
Professional Basketball referee

Kicked out of high school

Trained to become a basketball referee
Paid 75 cents to referee his first game and told that he was lousy and would never make it as a referee.

Ten years later he refereed the basketball Olympic game

If you want to be respected, learn to listen.

Fluke Transport

Fluke Transport is the most challenging hat he wears. Trucking is not for the faint of heart. It is high volume with low profit and fraught with complications. It depends on people and trucks – both which occasionally break down.

I knew nothing about trucking before I bought the trucking company

How did he buy Fluke Transport with no money?
How did he add 20 trucks with no money?

Everybody has a hot button – a deal making button. It’s something other than money.

Entrepreneurs and Business Success

I didn’t want to work for a dumb boss.

Hire people smarter than you

No such thing as raw inborn talent. Entrepreneurs learn and grow. They are built.

My entrepreneurship qualities:
Drive to success
Fear of failure

Challenges are speed bumps. I had to practice overcoming speed bumps
Failure is a learning experience

My business approach was simple – revenue must exceed expenses

I’m 68 years old and work 100 hours a week. But it’s not work because its fun.

Contacts are everything. That’s why community involvement is important. Every person I meet is smarter than me in something.

When you work 20 hours a day it’s amazing what good luck comes your way.

You can buy a business even if you don’t have any money.

You need a business plan and a plan B and Plan C

You need a stable of mentors

You can’t be a winner without a team

Sometimes you have to have Onions

About Fox 40

The Fox 40 whistle is sold in 140 countries

The Fox 40 whistle was conceived out of frustration with the existing product

In Canada they don’t like change. We were selling in 35 countries before we sold any in Canada. The first Canadian customer commented that “I read about you in Sports Illustrated. If the Americans like you, it must be good.”

The whistle is sold in sports, marine and personal safety markets


More information about our guest

Fluke Transport

Fox 40

Canada Basketball

Hamilton Community Foundation

McMaster Alumni Gallery


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James Burchill, Business Fusion Marketing

James Burchill
James Burchill

James Burchill is CEO, Business Fusion Marketing and Founder of the Social Fusion Network.

About James Burchill

“C” Level Management Expertise

Prior to starting his own company, James was Vice President of IT & Consulting for an international management and recruiting firm in southern Ontario. There he lead numerous multi-million dollar development projects and managed a team of more than a dozen skilled web programmers and designers.

Internationally Traveled

Born in England and now a Canadian citizen too, James has lived in Europe, Africa and Australia and along with credentials in public speaking, psychology, communications, automation and technology, James is a certified Neuro Linguistics Practitioner. He learned the craft of penmanship at England’s prestigious London School of Writing. James is a former member of Mensa (the high IQ society) and has the little badge somewhere to prove it…

Insights from the interview with James Burchill


It’s the People

Technology changes quickly and often and people mistakenly obsess on the technology

Instead they should start with the core of communication and that is people

It’s not about the technology, its how you can use it to connect at a richer level

We are a social species, we want to connect

Psychology is more important than technology 

As a species we do not share information unless it has survival value. We remember information and stories that helps us survive.

Small Business

Small business often sucks at marketing

Small business is seduced by the glitter of big corporate brands 

They need to connect with their marketplace

A market is a conversation and it moves 

Small Business and Social Media 

Be authentic, reveal a flaw

Imperfection is attractive 

Important to market on multiple channels

Combine old school face-to-face marketing with Social Media for best results 


Social Fusion Network

I held an event that hosted over 500 people using Social Media to attract them 

There are many networking groups – why dare to start another one?

We work on the Freemium model – making money from advertising 

This started as an experiment and now has seven chapters

I wrote a business plan after we generated serious buzz, but the plan predicted failure 

Look at business that is different from yours and steal ideas for your business.

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Better Business Conversations

George Torok - host of Business in Motion on 93.3 CFMu
George Torok – host of Business in Motion on 93.3 CFMu


Business Conversations

On this special show George Torok talks about how to deliver better Business Conversations

Important Insights from this radio show include:

Why are Business Conversations important to you and how might you use them?

  1. Selling
  2. Promotion
  3. Networking

The most important conversations are face to face.

Listen to examples of bad conversations and how you can avoid these mistakes.

A critical starting point is to ask yourself, “What is the action that you want to be the result of this conversation?”

Listen in on a networking meeting gone bad.

How long should you talk?

What is more important than talking?

Are you clarifying the important points of your message?

Listen to what one president did to deliver a $10M conversation.

What are the three elements to successful Business Conversations?

What do people want more than information?

What should you do about adverbs?

How can you grab the attention of your audience?

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Business Conversations with George Torok

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Public Speaking Myths & Lies

Public Speaker George Torok
Public Speaking Myths and Tales

Your host, George Torok, exposes the common and damaging myths and lies about public speaking. Too many lies are spread in the form of “advice” that hurt your speaking performance. George Torok exposes the lies, reveals the truth and tells you what to do to be a better public speaker.


Some of the lies that George will expose and help you with:

  • Be humble during your introduction.
  • Start your presentation with a joke.
  • When you get nervous, stare at a spot on the back wall.
  • When you get nervious, imagine the audience in their underwear.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Dress casual.
  • Too much practice will make you look un-natural.
  • Apologize when you make a mistake.
  • Be sure to look serious.
  • Tell them everything you know about the topic.

Lies – all of them. Listen to discover why and what to do instead.

George reveals 15 top myths about public speaking. When you listen you might notice that number seven was left out. It’s a big one and will be covered another time.

Check out the free presentation resources here

Find answers to your questions about public speaking here


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Bruce McDougall, The McDougall Group

Bruce McDougallRadio interview with Bruce McDougall, on Business in Motion with host, George Torok.

Who is Bruce McDougall?

He is the founder and president of The McDougall Group, a financial planning company in Burlington, Ontario. A past president of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce he is a long time active Rotarian. He is a marathon runner, tri-athlete, a past competitive racquetball player and an avid golfer.

Insights from this interview

“Building wealth requires discipline and a plan. You don’t need a lot of money to start.”

“Biggest mistake that people make is starting too late.”

“Biggest myth is that you need to take big risks with your money.”

“The hardest thing in sales is the ability to get up off the floor and keep going. When hiring sales people – that’s difficult to test for.”

“As a financial planner you are really a sales person. You are running a business and every business needs sales.”

“When I was interviewing wait staff for my restaurant I would try to intimidate them to test how easily they might be intimidated by customers.”

“How do you choose a financial planner? You have to like the person.”

“Most entrepreneurs have had three or four failures. Don’t dwell on it. Learn from the mistakes and move on.”

“Get inspiration from keeping people around you who are experiencing similar experiences.”



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Alan McLaren, Infinity Communications

Alan McLarenInterview with Alan McLaren, Co-CEO of Infinity Communications

Who is Infinity Communications?

Infinity is a full service communications agency specializing in public relations, branding and social media strategies.  We help our clients “Get Noticed and Stay Noticed”, through focused communication programs designed to build brand awareness and drive revenue growth.

One of the best ways to reach your target audiences is to use a combination of traditional public relations strategies offline, while leveraging social media and web strategies online.

We are living in a connected world and it is important to bridge the conversation both online and offline.


Insights and excerpts from this interview with Alan McLaren of Infinity Communications

Purpose of marketing is building the brand to be top of mind.

Common mistake on the web is not connecting the dots.

Key question is, does more traffic mean more business? That is the bottom line.

Marketing is not scientific. One plus one does not equal two.

Half the time, we turn prospective clients away because the fit is not right.

Red Flag Deals was one of our proud success stories.

I hate doing the numbers – but you need to do that.

As Co-CEOs we each have our strengths and defined roles.

Interview on Business in Motion with radio show host George Torok


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Ken Tencer – SpyderWorks

90 % Rule by Ken TencerInterview with Ken Tencer, CEO of SpyderWorks & co-author of “The 90 Percent Rule

SpyderWorks is a strategic design firm. They are “stratical” – a blend of strategic and tactical.


Insights from this interview with Ken Tencer

The 90% rule is based on doing the things that you are 90% capable. That lowers risk and cost.

I came from a family of entrepreneurs and always believed that I would be and entrepreneur.

The book is perfect for anyone who wants a practical way to grow their business.

The risk test is – could it put me out of business?

Don’t try to hit home runs.

Look for what the next 10% can offer you.

It’s not necessary to invent anything.


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Tom Beakbane

Tom Beakbank on Business in MotionInterview with Tom Beakbane, President and founder of Beakbane Retail Connections.

Beakbane Retail Connections is a marketing firm that helps business develop their brands and bring their products to the market.

Tom Beakbane started his company 23 years ago and employs 11 people. He was born in the UK and raised in Worchester – the same as the famous sauce.

Tom is a renaissance man. He lived in Kenya and France. He studied Neurophysiology and Bio-Chemistry and would sneak into art classes. He worked as a Sous Chef in southern France. Now his job in the kitchen is to wash up.


Insights from this interview with Tom Beakbane

“What I love the most is when someone comes in with a raw idea.”

“Distilling complexity into a single message.”

“We like coming up with a good name.”

“The fewer things that you ask people to remember, the more likely they will remember it.”

“Our best client is passionate and open minded with a challenge.”

“Education is a foundation – not training for a job.”

“Words are merely buckets for creativity.”

“I hate cold calling but…”

“When we do a good job for clients they don’t need us anymore.”


Listen to this radio interview below

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Small Business Branding

George Torok is a bestselling author of “Secrets of Power Marketing”.  He is the host of “Business in Motion” He is a specialist in helping small and medium sized business gain an unfair advantage over the competition.

George Torok offers insights and ideas for small and medium sized buisness on branding and building relationships.



Insights from this radio show

Branding might not be the answer to your marketing needs.

Big business spends lots of money on branding because they have no other choice.

Small and medium sized buisness can build relationahps instead.

Branding is only a second rate perverted relationship.

The magic words to building relationships are please, thank you and you’re welcome.


Learn more about Power Marketing

Click below to listen to George Torok on small business branding

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Bay Gardens Funeral Home

Bay Gardens Funeral homes
Bay Gardens Funeral Homes

Interview with Jan Nichols, President of Bay Gardens Funeral Home in Burlington and Hamilton, Ontario.

This is not your standard funeral home. It’s exciting. It has high ceilings, a waterfall and videos screens.

Insights from this interview:
“The most successful opening of a funeral home in North America. Most are lucky to get 100 people to attend. We had over 800!”

“Rooms are named after waterfalls, plants or ponds instead of being called Salon A and Salon B.”

“People want food at a funeral – but not in the same room as the body or in the basement.”

“Reaching out to non-profit organizations and giving them free access to meeting rooms.”

Bay Gardens Funeral Homes


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Business in Motion Radio Show

George Torok BIM radio host
Host of Business in Motion

George Torok founded the radio show, Business in Motion in September 1995. As the host he has interviewed over 450 business leaders. We will publish selected shows on this podcast.

George Torok is the co-author of the bestseller, Secrets of Power Marketing. As a professional speaker he delivers keynote speeches, executive briefings and training programs on Power Marketing.

Contact George Torok     905-335-1997


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