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Frank O’Dea

Interview with Frank O’Dea on Business in Motion

Frank O’Dea is a business builder, philanthropist, author and motivational speaker



Who is Frank O’Dea?

Former skid row panhandler

Founder of Second Cup – which became the largest chain of gourmet coffees and teas in Canada.

Co-Founder of ProShred Security – a company that pioneered the entire industry of on-site document destruction

Author of “When All You Have is Hope

In 1985 he co-founded Street Kids International, an organization developed to help homeless children in third world countries, through education and self-reliance programs. A few years later, he became the founding Chair of War Child (Canada), an organization that provides assistance against suffering and abuse of children in war affected countries. In the same year, Frank co-founded the Canadian Landmine Foundation, an organization that raises funds for the dismantling of minefields around the world

Officer of the Order of Canada


Insights from this radio interview

Second Cup started in 1975 selling dry coffee in bags to take home. That was a disaster.

So it morphed into selling gourmet liquid coffee by the cup.

Secrets about creating a new industry:

Find a place where no one else is. It’s risky. People will call you foolish. You need to be courageous and have a vision.

Currently building houses in Brazil. Lots of opportunity there.

I made lots of mistakes. That’s how I learned.

The longest I stay at something is 10 years. Then I get bored and move on.

The formula for success?

Hope – Vision – Action

Frank O’Dea


Click below to listen to or download the Radio Interview with Frank O’Dea on Business in Motion with host George Torok

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Walter Booth

Interview with Walter Booth, Chairman of The Timberland Group

Walter Booth started at Timberland as a young Project Engineer more than 40 years ago. He rose to the rank of President, bought the company, sold the company and is now Chairman. He is an engineering graduate of McMaster University. He has donated at least $3 Million to the Faculty of Engineering. 

The Timberland Group grew signifcantly during those years. Originally a company that manufactured winches for the logging industry, they now provide special winches and hoists for mining, power distribution, underwater exploration and off-shore oil.


Insights from this 30-minute interview with Walter Booth:

“The business still excites me after 40 years.”

“They hired me because I had experience in the ski lift business.”

“Buying the company – we worked on that deal for at least a year. You want it to move faster but it just took longer.”

“My boss encouraged me to join the Young Presidents Organization. I got to hang around successful business owners.”

“As chairman my chief role is mentoring and developing the new owners.”

 “You have to bend the rules if you want success.”

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