Terry Flynn

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Interview with:  Terrence (Terry) Flynn PhD, ARP FCPRS

Assistant Professor of Communication Management, McMaster University

President of CPRS (Canadian  Public Relations Society) 2009-2010

President and CEO Frontline Corporate Communications,  Nov 1993 – May 2007

Terry Flynn is a specialist in Public Relations, Corporate Communications and especially Crisis Management.  He gained his initial communications experience with government then honed it while building his consulting company that provided communications guidance to corporations – especially those in crisis. He currently teaches university students how to become more effective communicators.

Insights from This Interview

Think about the bumps in the road

Things happen – trains wreck, planes crash and oil spills

People, systems and government cause crisis

I don’t like the term Spin Doctor because it’s about shading the truth

People are not necessarily good communicators

Talking is not necessarily communicating

We are multi-shifters – not multi-taskers

Corporate crisis handled well

The Maple Leaf Foods



The law now allows you to say “Sorry” without admitting guilt.

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Terry Flynn
Terry Flynn interview on Business in Motion with host George Torok
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George Torok

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