Wayne Einhorn, Implementation Engineer

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Wayne Einhorn on Business in MotionInterview with Wayne Einhorn, Managing Partner with EDI Implementation Professionals Inc. on Business in Motion with your host George Torok

About Wayne Einhorn

  • Started his first business at age 16 and attending high school
  • Started a successful career in real estate sales at 19
  • Completed his MBA at Ivey School of Business
  • Loves the outdoors
  • Is a pilot
  • Invested $29,000 on a computer with 5 MB for his first business

EDI Implementation

  • Helps business drive implementation to improve cash flow and profits
  • Serve as tour guides to business who have great ideas but stumble while getting things done
  • Offers a combination of management consulting and implementation coaching

Insights from this Interview

When you are in the business it can be difficult to be objective.

Guess what is more important than increasing sales.

SWOT analysis is still important to developing your business strategy.

Prospecting is king.


People who are successful like to help other people be successful.

3 Keys to success

  1. Suit up and show up.
  2. Enjoy it.
  3. Work smart.

I failed my way to success. The guy who won just got up one more time.

If it was easy everyone would do it and it won’t pay very much. I’m grateful it’s not easy.

Its simple but not easy.

In order for people to help me, I first had to do the work.

Best quote: Suit up and show up!


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