Wayne Vanwyck

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Interview with business owner and business author, Wayne Vanwyck.

Wayne Vanwyck is the owner of three businesses – a training company, a call centre and a franchise business.

He is also the author of “The Business Transition Crisis”


Insights from this interview with Wayne Vanwyck

71% of business owners in Canada plan to retire in the next 10 years

This book is for baby boomers who own businesses and are or should be thinking about leaving the business.

Why would a successful business owner sabatage his own retirement?

Took a six month sabatical to travel around North America and research the book.

Your buisness is a product. One day you might want to sell it for a profit.

There are five million businesses in Canada. 98% of them employ less that 10 people.

Of the businesses that are for sale – only 1 in 5 will sell.

Your business is not you and you are not the business. It’s tough for an entrepreneur to separate the two.

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Click below to listen to this radio interview with Wayne Vanwyck.

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