Entrepreneurs, business leaders, innovators & corporate executives reveal their business secrets, lessons, mistakes and triumphs. Movers and shakers talk about how to move and shake. Imagine what you might learn from them.

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Business in Motion radio interviews with business leaders, entreprenuers and executives
Interviews with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, business leaders, business authors, community leaders and
innovators. Hear their stories, advice, strategies and tactics for business and career success.

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  McMaster University Guests

Following is a list of McMaster University academics who were interviewed on Business in Motion. The titles shown are correct at the time of their appearance on Business in Motion. In addition to these professors at McMaster University many McMaster grads and supporters have also appeared on Business in Motion.

Vishwahath V. Baba
Dean MGD School of Business
Prof. Human Resources & Management

Chris Bart
Prof. Marketing, Business & International

Min Basadur
Prof. Human Resources & Management

Nick Bontis
Associate Professor Marketing, Business Policy & International Business

Luke Chan
Professor Finance & Business Economics
Associate Vice President Office of International Affairs

Dave Conrath
Dean MGD School of Business

Robert G. Cooper
Prof. Marketing, Business Policy & International Business

Peter George
President & Vice Chancellor McMaster University

Bruce Hamilton
Executive in Residence
MGD,School of Business
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

Michael DeGroote School of Business, located at McMaster University