Entrepreneurs, business leaders, innovators & corporate executives reveal their business secrets, lessons, mistakes and triumphs. Movers and shakers talk about how to move and shake. Imagine what you might learn from them.

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Business in Motion radio interviews with business leaders, entreprenuers and executives
Interviews with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, business leaders, business authors, community leaders and
innovators. Hear their stories, advice, strategies and tactics for business and career success.

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CFMU CFMU is the community radio station of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

CFMU is owned by the McMaster Studentsí Union. As a community radio station it reflects the makeup of the community. You will find programming that reflects the diversity of the community. The station is operated by a few dedicated full time and part time staff but garners itís real strength from the almost 200 volunteers.

Key People

Sandeep Bhandari
(905) 525-9140 x 27631
           James Tennant
Program Director
905)525-9140 x 27208

Funding And Your Donations

CFMU is community radio which means that it provides a special service to the McMaster students and to the local community. CFMU is an alternative to commercial radio. One of the elements of community radio is that it is funded by the community and not by big time advertising. If you are a listener or guest on CFMU you are part of that community and are invited to contribute to the continued broadcasting.

Once a year CFMU holds itís week of fund raising where we actively ask for pledges. If you enjoyed your radio experience feel free to contact the radio station to make a donation at any time

CFMU Website