Entrepreneurs, business leaders, innovators & corporate executives reveal their business secrets, lessons, mistakes and triumphs. Movers and shakers talk about how to move and shake. Imagine what you might learn from them.

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Business in Motion radio interviews with business leaders, entreprenuers and executives
Interviews with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, business leaders, business authors, community leaders and
innovators. Hear their stories, advice, strategies and tactics for business and career success.

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  Past Guests of Business in Motion Business in Motion movers and shakers in business reveal their secrets, lessons, mistakes and triumphs

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Since September 1995 George Torok has interviewed hundreds of guests for his weekly radio show, “Business in Motion”. The emerging theme is that business is in motion – that things are constantly changing. The lessons that we learn are that we need to change with the times and that there are some uncompromising simple principles that we must follow for success. Some things change – some do not. How can you know the difference? Listen to “Business in Motion”.

Watch this Video Interview
Click on the video below to watch this seven minute interview with radio show host, George Torok, as he talks about the lessons he has learned from the enterprneuers he has interviewed on Business in Motion. The off-screen interviewer is Canada's prolific author and editor, John Robert Colombo.

George Torok is often asked about his guests. George has great difficulty highlighting any one guest as the best or most memorable. Here is a sampling of some of his guests.

Who was your first guest?
Ross Mackay, a pump specialist. He consults on the maintenance of pumps and is a world authority. He was fun. I interviewed him more than once.

Who was the most unusual guest?
The King of Redonda. Bob Williams, Canadian born, who holds the title of the King of Redonda. I interviewed him in the Admiral’s Inn in English Harbour on the south coast of Antigua. Tropical birds fluttered through the Inn as we talked.

Who surprised you the most?
Keith Norris. He was a Dixie Cup salesman. He was a last minute fill-in – a friend who helped me out when another guest canceled. He turned out to be a fantastically exciting and inspiring guest. At one point he was so excited that he referred to himself as the “Wayne Gretzky of Dixie cups”. It was a fun and inspirational interview.

Who inspired you?
Too many to mention, including some of those mentioned on this page. I found myself feeding off the enthusiasm of my guests. I believed that if they could make it then so could I.

Who awed you?
Mike G. DeGroote, the builder of Laidlaw Transport. The man is a multibillionaire. I was nervous in his presence. I felt intimidated even though he did nothing to intimidate me. He was gracious, direct and honest. I could not help but think that if he could overcome the obstacles then so could I.

Who made you uncomfortable?
Frank Buckley Jr. He was so succinct in his answers that I ran out of questions before the time was up. Questions that many would answer in a couple minutes he answered in 30 seconds or less. He really understood how to be direct and not waste time. I was scrambling to think of more open-ended questions.

What was the most unusual setting for the interview?
After the Admiral’s Inn in Antigua, the next was the back seat of a limo on the way to the airport. The guest was Frank Ogden, aka Dr. Tomorrow. Even though I had pre-arranged the interview – we got bumped by a local TV interview. As I was about to throw in the towel – Frank said to me, “Jump in the car. Let’s do the interview on the way to the airport and I will arrange for the driver to bring you back.” So we did and it was a highly successful interview.

Guests of Business in Motion include: (a sampling)
Some of these guests have moved on. The company and title is correct at the time of the interview.
Affirmative Technologies     Tony Goodrow     President & Founder
Alternative Games     Nadia Greco     Partner
BDC     Patricia H. Ghany     Manager Operations
Body Shop Canada     Margot Franssen     President & Partner
Canada Wide Magazine     Peter B. Legge     President & CEO
CanadaOne     Julie King     Managing editor
Canadian Tire - Centre Mall     John Skirving     Franchise Owner
Cancable Inc     Brad Davies     President
Cdn Bankers Association     Michael Green     Association Executive
Chipco Canada Inc.     Chips Klein     Inventor/ entrepreneur
Cooking for the Rushed     Sandi Richard     Cook book Author
CORE Digital     Bob Munroe     President
CTV TV Network     Kirk LaPointe     Senior VP
CUMIS     James M. Barr     Senior VP, Corp Relations & Corp Sec
DBM     Ray Monagh     Senior VP
Eagle's Flight     Phil Geldart     CEO & founder
Edwards Realtors     Jamie Edwards     CEO & Broker
Fell-Fab Products     Don Fell     Chairman & CEO
Ford Canada     Dennis M. Rowland     Purchasing Manager
Gemini Group     Audrey Wilson     CEO
General Motors Canada     Tayce Wakefield     VP Corporate Affairs
Greenthumb Landscaping     Kathy Thomas     President
Hamilton Chamber     John Dolbec     Executive Director
Hamilton Spectator     Patrick J. Collins     Publisher & Exe VP
HBADA     Don Scott     Association manager
Hicks Furs & Leathers     Sherrie Hicks     President & Owner
Hockley Valley Resort     Nancy Adamo     President
I. Waxman & Sons     Chester H. Waxman     Chairman
INTRIA-HP     Dan Branda     President
John Deere Credit Inc.     Darla M. Youldon     Pres Cdn Operations
Junior Achievement Hamilton     Carol Montag     President & CEO
KPMG     John Buschhausen     Partner
Light Computer Centre     Shawn Chamberlin     Owner
Links Information Mgmt     John David Hay     President
Major Leagues     George Kumagai     Owner
Malabar Super Spice     Doris Valade     President
Manor House Publishing     Michael B. Davie     Publisher
Manpower Services     Tammy Johns     VP Canadian Operations
McMaster University     Dr. Peter George     President & Vice-Chancellor
Memex Electronics     Tom Gaasenbeek     President
Ont Service Safety Alliance     Elizabeth Mills     GM & CEO
Profit Magazine     Rick Spence     Editor & Publisher
ROB Globe & Mail     Douglas Goold     Editor
Ross & McBride     Jeffrey R. Manishen     Criminal Lawyer
Royal Bank     Susan M. Smith     VP KBI Business Banking
Shad International     Jack Pal     President
Sheraton Hamilton Hotel     Theresa Syer     Director of Sales & Marketing
Smith's Funeral Homes     Donald S. Smith     President
Sonic Unyon Records     Mark Milne     Partner
Spar Aerospace Ltd     Patricia Lombardo     Research
Stirling Print-All     Bob Stirling     President & Founder
Stoddart Publishing Corp.     Jack Stoddart     President
Thomson Gordon Group     Sandy Thomson     President
Tradeport     Tony Battaglia     President & CEO
United Technologies OTIS     Edward A. Minich     President & CEO
W.K. Buckley Ltd.     Frank Buckley     Chairman
Xerox Canada Inc     Cynthia Lewis     VP CU S/W Ont. & Man.
Young Drivers of Canada     David White     Vice President

Lauren Cuddy
President and CEO
Innovus Research

Rob MacLeod
Master Sailor and Author
From Landfalls to Legacies

John Wilson & Ed McClelland
TEC Chairs
The Executive Committee

Bob Williams
King of Redonda