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Business insights, quotes and commentary

As host of Business in Motion what has George Torok learned?

After more than 10 years of interviews with business leaders; after more than 20 years of corporate management experience; after traveling around the world; after consulting with, and meeting with hundreds of business leaders…

What has George Torok learned about corporate CEOs?

Two important things. Both relate to communication skills.

Most successful corporate CEO's ask good questions then listen. They learn that it is not their job to know everything. That is why they hire good people around them. The CEOs job is to ask the direct questions for the important information - and then listen. And they do that consistently so that others learn what the CEO wants to know.

The second thing that most successful CEOs do is that they learn to speak the language of the people. The CEO might have grown out of engineering, accounting, sales, manufacturing or even IT. But when they become CEO they learn that they need to talk to everybody and be understood. They learn to talk to customers, investors, suppliers, accountants, engineers, guys on the loading dock, sales staff and the media.

What has George Torok learned about entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs are a different breed. Their motivations are different from the average corporate executive or employee. Most importantly their fears are different. That is significant because it is our fears that define us more than anything else. While employees fear losing their job, entrepreneurs fear not trying. And yes it is possible to move from corporate life to entrepreneurship. Many of his guests did that. George Torok did that.

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What quotes has George Torok captured that might help you in your business?

Secrets of Success from George Torok

You have all the confidence you need inside of you. It might be hidden deep. You must give yourself permission to let it out.

When you think there is nothing you can do - you are wrong. You must believe there is something you can do.

Imagine. Say that word everyday. You will imagine things you never did before.

Leaders are not born. They invent themselves.

Do something at least once a year that scares you.

Sometimes against all logic the little voice in your head says, "I think I can". The little voice is probably right.

Marketing Insights from George Torok

You cannot - not market. Marketing is about sending messages and everything you do sends a message.

Marketing is everything you do that makes it easier to sell.

Market to the greedy - not to the needy.

Total value = Real value + Perceived value.

The best way to become number one is to create the niche.

Communication Secrets from George Torok

If you want to be heard better - listen better.

We love to hear stories. We don't want to hear another lecture - just ask your kids.

Your audience wakes up when you say "In closing my speech".

Information is a cheap and abundant commodity. Relevance is valuable.

So what? That is the first question your listeners ask when you open your mouth.

George Torok is host of the weekly radio show - Business in Motion. He has interviewed over 400 business leaders. He has written over 300 business articles.
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