Entrepreneurs, business leaders, innovators & corporate executives reveal their business secrets, lessons, mistakes and triumphs. Movers and shakers talk about how to move and shake. Imagine what you might learn from them.

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Business in Motion radio interviews with business leaders, entreprenuers and executives
Interviews with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, business leaders, business authors, community leaders and
innovators. Hear their stories, advice, strategies and tactics for business and career success.

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  Resources for Executives Business in Motion movers and shakers in business reveal their secrets, lessons, mistakes and triumphs

Services for Executives
Articles for Executives
Thought Leadership

Services for Executives

Speech coach for Executives.com
Executive Speech Coaching for the CEO, senior executives and key managers. Because when you speak you represent your company. You are the message.

Corporate Spokesperson
Professional corporate spokesperson for your Canadian business. Work with a presentation professional, experienced communicator and media savvy spokesperson for your business. George Torok 905-335-1997

Executive Marketing Briefing
Marketing questions. Executive Briefings for the CEO. Arrange an executive briefing for your executive and management team. Put the principles and techniques of Power Marketing to work for you. As the CEO you need to ask the key marketing questions. Ask the right questions and transform your marketing.

Creative Facilitation
Creativtive Facilitation for your strategic planning, idea generation or team building. George Torok can help you and your team explore creative ideas and blaze a path.

Articles for Executives

Why do CEO’s Fail?
After over 2,000 one-to-one meetings with CEO’s, and chairing over 200 all-day TEC meetings, TEC chair, Glen Waring summarizes why CEO’s fail.

Nine Presentation Sins and How to Avoid Them
After 20 plus years of corporate meetings, delivering hundreds of presentations, training thousands of managers and coaching dozens of executives, George Torok summarizes the Nine deadly Presentation Sins – and tells you how to avoid them.

Bully Alert
I dare you to try this quiz. You might discover something scary about your management style. You might also get a laugh out of the silly things that some managers do. If you can’t laugh at yourself – don’t try this quiz.

Personality Types - Summary and Analysis
Take a few minutes to do the following simple self-assessment. You will learn some fascinating things about yourself in the process. Plus, read Peter Urs Bender's “Guide to How Personality Theorists Have Described the Four Most Common Personality Types”

Don’t Ignore the Nudges
Recognize the different symptoms between Acute Problems and Chronic Problems and how you solve them differently.

Hopes and Fears – What you are really selling
Hope is the most precious commodity that we seek. Fear is the absence of hope. These two emotions drive our decision-making. Your customers decide to buy (or not buy) from you based on how well you address (or fail to address) their hopes and fears.

George Torok Library of Articles
George Torok is a prolific writer and has written on many topics. You will notice that true to his speaking, training and consulting expertise that the vast number of articles is on marketing and presentations. A sampling of his articles is included here for your pleasure, information and free resource.

Leadership articles by George Torok
Where do leaders come from and how can you find the leader in you? Enjoy these articles about leadership that illustrate self leadership. Because before you can lead anyone else you must first lead yourself. The difficult part is in leading yourself. Anyone can tell others how they should do things. Leadership by example is the real proof of leadership.

15 Tips for Giving Great Radio Interviews
So how can you ensure that you make the right impression and, perhaps more importantly, that you’re called back for more interviews? You can use the following fifteen tips for giving great radio interviews:

Marketing Articles by George Torok
The best marketers understand the strategy and tactics of superior marketing. Effective marketing is about gaining and using an unfair advantage over the competition.

Thought Leadership

Ideas worth spreading.

Canadian Council of Chiet Executves
The Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization composed of the CEOs of Canada’s leading enterprises. We engage in an active program of public policy research, consultation and advocacy. The CCCE is a source of thoughtful, informed comment from a business point of view on issues of national importance to the economic and social fabric of Canada.

Idea City
ideacityonline.com boasts a vast collection of 17-minute talks from esteemed speakers like Deepak Chopra, Conrad Black and Tarek Fatah. Browse through the talks archive to find a hidden gem.

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